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Starting 2012 Off Right

2012 has just begun and I’ve already commenced planning for upcoming trips. Spring break I have decided to take a road trip with my best friend Lyan.

We will start with a weekend in Portland, OR where Bethany will be joining us. After that, we will part way with Bethany and Lyan and I will travel be visiting cities such as San Fransisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Boise and wherever else we feel like going along the way. Although it goes against my nature and gives me massive amounts of hidden anxiety, aside from having a list of possible activities along the way, there will not be any planning. This will give us the freedom to go off the map if we hear or think of something we want to do. It will certainly be an adventure!

The second trip that is underway is a three month stay in Guatemala. I recently applied and do not know where I will be living. But what I want to do is a microfinancing internship in rural Guatemala. The thought of living with a family I do not know, in a country where I don’t speak the language absolutely terrifies me in the most amazing way possible. I have a million reasons not to go, but the thought of not taking advantage of this opportunity is the scariest thought of all.

So here’s a toast to making plans to not plan and jumping into the unknown. If you’re not scared of your dreams, you’re not dreaming big enough. And I don’t want to wake up in 15 years to realize I did everything I was supposed to and ended up with a boring life.

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