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ImageHere is the itinerary for our road trip. We also got our matching shirts in the mail for St. Patrick’s Day! I can’t wait, only 19 more days.

Road Trip Map


And the Countdown Begins!

AND THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS! My road trip commences in three weeks and we are all itching with excitement to get out on the open road. I know I said we were trying not to plan anything, but I have to plan a little bit. If not only to get even more excited and make it sink in that this is really happening!

So the plan is to take my car to Oregon and stay there for the weekend with Bethany’s sister where the three of us will check out the weirdness that is Portland. I plan on making that part of the trip look exactly like an episode of Portlandia, but I’m sure the girls will want to do things a little more…. normal. This is where we will be during St. Patrick’s Day too, which after going to Ireland I feel a deeper connection to the holiday. And Lyan, Bethany and I all got matching shirts to look cute in! Bright and early Monday morning Lyan and I will be leaving at about 6:30 so that we can make it to the Tillamook Cheese Factory right when it opens. We thought about getting there at 8:30 to play hard to get, but I have been dreaming of their cheese curds since I was there last September and I don’t want to have to wait an extra second, let alone another half hour! So the cheese factory will definitely have the upper hand in our relationship, but for them, I will learn to deal. MOVING ON. After we gorge ourselves with all the cheese, ice cream and coffee we can consume there we will be taking Highway 101 down along the coast. This will probably be the one and only fun drive we have. I have heard that view is breath-taking, so I am really excited to take pictures. Some of the places we are talking about stopping are Fort Bragg (there is a “Glass Beach” there that I am excited to go to), a place with balls of sand the size of beach balls and eventually ending up in San Francisco that night. While we are there we are meeting up with my friend Caroline that I met in Ireland. She is from San Jose so she will be able to show us some pretty cool stuff there. I think San Fran is the place I am most excited for. I want to go to Sausalito (Little Italy) and, of course, the Golden Gate Bridge. Next is Las Angeles where we will get to see Riley. I want to go to the Chinese Theater, but other than that I do not even know where to begin with L.A. There is just so much to choose from! That is about it for California. Of course while we are there we are going to be stopping at EVERY Pink Berry we can find. Pretty much our trip’s diet will consist of cheese and fro yo. What more does a girl need?!

After California, we are debating between Phoenix and Las Vegas. I vote for Phoenix because after going to Vegas last September I have no desire go to back to that Hellhole! Except to see Caitie, obviously. A lady we used to work with lives in Arizona with her husband and we would love to be able to see her. And Lyan really wants to go to a zoo and I read that Phoenix has the biggest zoo and America (or at least one of them). By Sunday, we are going to be heading back up through Nevada, eating some Mexican food in Twin Falls, Idaho where Lyan is from, staying with her Aunt and Uncle in Boise and truckin’ back up good ole Bellingham. Neither of us will ever want to drive again. I cannot wait!!!

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