In Omnia Paratus

Three days until the epic road trip. This road trip symbolizes the end of an era, which is an interesting position to be in. Upon my return, I will begin my final quarter as an undergrad. I cannot believe how fast time flew by. Everyone said that it would, but when you’re in the thick it, graduation feels like a life time away. I remember being beyond frustrated by how long my time in college felt, but the I blinked and the next think I know I wake up, throw on my cap and gown to humor my parents by posing for countless pictures.

I can already feel things changing. Tomorrow is my first interview that is not for a minimum wage, work while I’m going to school, job. It is crazy to think that this is the point of my life that I am at now. I have no idea where I will be three or six months from now. Everything is up in the air and literally anything could happen, especially since I have been applying so many different jobs including one in East Africa! That would be such an amazing opportunity, but no matter what happens, it is going to be difficult to leave the life that I have created in the last four years. There have been some pretty rough times, but all-in-all, college has been the most fun I have ever had. I learned so much about life, who I am, what I want and how the world outside my rural hometown works. I’ve learned that there are some selfish and rude people in the world, but there are also so many good and kind-hearted people who will go out of their way to help you. Best of all, I have learned that there is good in pretty much everyone, and true love and friendship always persevere.

As hard as it will be to move on to the next step of my life, I will cherish the last four years and could not have asked for better friends, experiences and adventures. They shaped me into the person that I am today, and I am proud of the person I am turning into. I can only hope that I get a job that will help nurture this person and lead me to the career and place that I am meant to go. But I have the faith that life will lead me in the right direction, and when it does, in omnia paratus.

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2 thoughts on “In Omnia Paratus

  1. Ann Stone says:

    Stephanie – I love the comment “tomorrow is my first interview that isn’t for minimum wage”! Rock on. And pretty cool road trip! Stay safe, be well, and never stop learning.

  2. Thanks Ann, glad to hear you enjoyed it!

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