Californiaaaa, Here We Coooome!

The first leg of the road trip is complete. The three of us met up in Portland, which turned out to be more of a “calm before the storm” adventure. It went by really fast (like all fun things do). Friday night we were all pretty tired from finals week, sicknesses and traveling, so we just got some dinner and went to Voodoo donuts. This was the first time going to the original, which was a lot cooler than their second location. It has a voodoo man made out of shrubs, which is actually ridiculously creepy, in the best way possible of course. We got some of their famous donuts like the Voodoo man donut, which is a raspberry filled, man shaped and frosted donut with a pretzel stuck through the heart. We got a bunch of others too, including the cocks and balls, which is a huge donut in the shape of an erect penis (and of course it’s cream filled). Needless to say, that one was a bit awkward to eat!

Our second day we took full advantage of Oregon’s no sales tax. It’s definitely a good thing I don’t live in Oregon, otherwise I would be more broke than I already am. Our car pretty much looks like a closet full of shopping bags. It’s amazing. Then we went  to downtown Portland for St. Patrick’s Day. I was extremely excited about this for a couple of reasons: 1) every year I have had a final the day after St. Patrick’s so I could never celebrate. 2) I love it when the three of us do anything together, it makes life so much more fun. And 3) I feel more a connection to the holiday after living in Ireland. It reminds me of what an amazing time in my life that was and any connection to it has such a great connotation that I can’t help but feel happy. We spent most of the night at a bar called Henry’s, which was full of yuppies eating, drinking and celebrating. Best of all, we got to hang out with a group of soccer players. What could be better? It was such a great night of being Irish and enjoying each other’s company.

Right now we are driving to San Francisco on what start out being a beautiful sunny day. We went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory, which I think is better than Disneyland. It’s the happiest place on Earth! I can’t imagine anything better than being surrounded by tons of different kinds of cheeses. I finally bought some cheese curds, which are so hard to find. They’re delicious though, so salty and squeaky with a hint of cheddar to them. Once we came out of the cheese factory, it was hailing, which is not something you want to see when you’re about embark on a 12 hour drive. But like everything Lyan and I do, we persevered.

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