La Segunda Parte: California

We’re halfway done with our trip  and the California verdict is in. San Francisco: LOVE. Los Angeles: Not so much. In San Francisco we did things like walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, take a ride ona trolley and shop at Fisherman’s Warf. My friend said we got lucky because it had been raining a lot lately, but when we were there is so gorgeous. About 70 degrees, sunny and not a cloud in sight. Walking across the Golden Gate was my favorite part. You get such a magnificent view of the city, it’s phenomenal. I also just love the contrast of nature and city, which you get when you look at all the tall buildings right along the Bay. The trolley was all it was cracked up to be too. We met two old, crazy foreign ladies who Lyan and I are convinced are us in 40 years. One was from Australia and the other was from Canada and they met up in San Francisco to go on vacation together. They were definitely some spitfires! There was also a man from Mexico who taught us Spanish the whole time. iAsi mucho frio! Lastly, there was an Italian man, which we ended up walking around a bit with. He was in America to buy planes, which we took back to Italy, rebuilt them and sold. In the mean time he got to just travel to a whole bunch of different places. That would be a pretty cool job. He taught us some Italian too, like “gratzi mille” and “bella donna”. I love touristy places like that where you get to meet a diverse variety of people. There are literally people from every corner of the world. I think it’s just the coolest thing ever.

Then we headed down to Los Angeles along the 101. Whoever said that was a pretty drive is a big, fat, liar. The first few hours was nothing but hills and desert. By the time we made it to Santa Barbara the sun was setting so we didn’t even get to enjoy the view of the beaches. But it wasn’t all bad. We made up games like “Would You Rather…?” to pass the time. We got to L.A. late and were tired from the drive, but we still had enough energy to get Pink Berry for the second time that day. I’m obsessed with their peach froyo, which I try to come up with different toppings each time so that it appears I’m more exciting with my froyo choices than I actually am. So far my favorite is peaches with a wafer cookie. The next day we returned to being full-blown tourists. We went to Griffith Observatory to look at the Hollywood sign (which still photographed small, thank goodness for photoshop!). Even without the Hollywood sign, that was a pretty interesting place. There’s so much stuff on space, and they did an excellent job with the displays. Of course we went to the Chinese Theater and saw all the hand prints and the star walk. Then we drove around Beverly Hills looking for rich husbands. We didn’t find any, but we did end up driving down Rodeo Drive, which provided further motivation for finding a rich husband! It’s such a gorgeous area, I wish I could have afforded to shop. Someday! In honor of 500 Days of Summer (my second favorite movie after The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), we went to Angel’s Knoll Park for what they refer to as “the best view of the city.” For dinner we went to Don Antonio’s, which Spencer Pratt took Heidi Montague to in The Hills. We’re obsessed with that show. We both got carne asada, which was so good. It came with homemade tortillas, which is the best. They have some real strong drinks though, so watch out for those if you ever end up going. Half a margarita and I was definitely impaired. It was nice to thaw out in L.A. They have a warm heat that is so different from Seattle. And I loved seeing palm trees everywhere we went. The drivers are definitely something that will not be missed, it is a true miracle we didn’t get in a wreck (although we were very close countless times). I would love to go back, but it’s definitely not a place I would be able to live.

Now we’re driving to Phoenix. I have never been before so I’m excited to see what it has to offer.

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