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Is it a fish? Is it a razor? It’s Razorfish!

This last weekend I took a tour of the digital marketing agency in Seattle called Razorfish, where I had the opportunity to experience what a large marketing agency looks in operating.

Not only was I lucky enough to ride the elevator among floor in a history, downtown Seattle building with a breathtaking view, I also got a glimpse of what it could feel like to work in my dream job. Razorfish is more than just a company that has been previously owned by Microsoft, declared number 4 on the Advertising Age A-List, the winner of countless awards and locations in over 10 countries. They’re atmosphere is everything a grown-up in touch with their inner child could dream up! Complete with foosball tables, a Microsoft Kinect, colorful art all around (including paints of fish on the windows), an inflatable killer whale, a cafe, several kitches and, best of all, a Kegerator. Furthermore, they house the space for creative thought such as “think tanks” for collaborating¬†and open spaces that make for innovative cubicles.

Here’s what I learned:

  • TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OPPORTUNITIES that are available, especially in school
  • GET AS MUCH EXPERIENCE AS POSSIBLE! Whether that be internships, clubs, organizations, volunteering or (for the lucky one) jobs
  • DIVERSIFY YOUR SKILLS: working in a marketing agency requires more knowledge than just marketing. It’s essential to be a great communicator, writing, social networker and creator
  • BE PERSISTENT: you will never be penalized for making it known how much you want something
  • ASK QUESTIONS: find people with the jobs and life that you want and find out what they did to get where they are
  • Lastly, TAKE CHANCES: you will never know how something is going to work out if you do not take action

All in all, I had a wonderful time learning more the path to finding the perfect job. Now I just have to actually execute this advice! It’s a work in process, but I’m working on it.

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Local Travel: Best Cheap Adventure

This weekend my friend Caroline came to Seattle to celebrate her birthday weekend (Happy Birthday to You!). Since she loves history, we took several tours (mainly walking) throughout the city where I learned so much about the city I love. I found it almost pathetic that I have been in love with a city for 22 years, lived right next to it my whole life, and yet I knew almost nothing about its history.

So here is my advice: just because you’ve been somewhere a million and one times doesn’t mean you have ever truly experienced it. Especially in times when it’s difficult to spend thousands of dollars on a trip abroad, there’s no better way to experience culture, history and excitement with minimum travel time and low cost.



The first night she was in Seattle was Cinco de Mayo, but that didn’t stop us from reliving our Irish days. We went out for a Irish Pub Crawl throughout downtown Seattle. The best one was Kells Irish Pub (which is also located in Portland, OR), where we felt like we really were back in Ireland. There was even live music with singers who had Irish accents. It made me miss the rolling green hills of Ireland (a recount of my time there is soon to come).

Among some of the other places we went were Fremont Troll, Pioneer Square, Pike Place Market and my personal favorite, Kerry Park.

I love being a tourist in my own city and would highly recommend being a tourist too in the city you love.

*NOTE: I would love to hear about any adventures in your favorite local city as well. If you have a story you would like to share, leave a comment, tweet or email me. Happy touring!

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