Is it a fish? Is it a razor? It’s Razorfish!

This last weekend I took a tour of the digital marketing agency in Seattle called Razorfish, where I had the opportunity to experience what a large marketing agency looks in operating.

Not only was I lucky enough to ride the elevator among floor in a history, downtown Seattle building with a breathtaking view, I also got a glimpse of what it could feel like to work in my dream job. Razorfish is more than just a company that has been previously owned by Microsoft, declared number 4 on the Advertising Age A-List, the winner of countless awards and locations in over 10 countries. They’re atmosphere is everything a grown-up in touch with their inner child could dream up! Complete with foosball tables, a Microsoft Kinect, colorful art all around (including paints of fish on the windows), an inflatable killer whale, a cafe, several kitches and, best of all, a Kegerator. Furthermore, they house the space for creative thought such as “think tanks” for collaborating and open spaces that make for innovative cubicles.

Here’s what I learned:

  • TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OPPORTUNITIES that are available, especially in school
  • GET AS MUCH EXPERIENCE AS POSSIBLE! Whether that be internships, clubs, organizations, volunteering or (for the lucky one) jobs
  • DIVERSIFY YOUR SKILLS: working in a marketing agency requires more knowledge than just marketing. It’s essential to be a great communicator, writing, social networker and creator
  • BE PERSISTENT: you will never be penalized for making it known how much you want something
  • ASK QUESTIONS: find people with the jobs and life that you want and find out what they did to get where they are
  • Lastly, TAKE CHANCES: you will never know how something is going to work out if you do not take action

All in all, I had a wonderful time learning more the path to finding the perfect job. Now I just have to actually execute this advice! It’s a work in process, but I’m working on it.

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