Adventuring Around the Bay

As luck would have it, the first year I make a point to go to FLEET WEEK, the government decides to shut down. But that is still not enough to sully my feelings for the wonderful San Francisco. Between the salty sea air, plethora of Irish pubs and unique architecture, what’s not to love about this city?

Although I was admittingly disappointed not to be spending several days surrounded by sexy sailors, the city itself did not disappoint. From exploring all the piers to checking out their celebrated Chinatown, I managed to leave more in like with the city than when I arrived.

Even the outskirts of the city have plenty to offer. We went to check out the coast, visiting hippie beach town Santa Cruz and my personal favorite, Capitola. From exploring the beach to walking down Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz, there’s never a dull moment in the SF Bay Area!


Computer History Museum



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