When in Washington, Do as the Washingtonians Do

Hiking is to Washington as wine is to my roommates. With the ease of accessibility, it’s no wonder it has recently become one of my favorite past times. Hiking trails from the Canadian border to the South of Seattle, I have fallen in love with a few trails in Western Washington.

The Oyster Dome

Located in Bellingham, this is the staple trail of the area. With a couple starting points to choose from, one can spend either a couple hours or an entire day making it to the top. No matter where you start, you will definitely want to go all the way (for many, proving nothing worth having comes easy). With picturesque views of various islands in the surrounding bay, you can even see some of the San Juan Islands on a clear day.


Cedar Lake, Pine Lake, Raptor Ridge

This is by far my favorite hike that I have yet to explore. Starting off with a half-mile direct incline (intended to separate the wheat from the chaff), followed by several interlocking trails to choose from. This trail has everything, from lakes to mushrooms to squirrels to mountain and bay views. There is so much to see and do on this trail, every hike is a unique experience.

Raptor Ridge  Pine and Cedar Lake Foliage   Pine Lake

Wallace Falls

Described as being one of the most beautiful hikes in Washington, the waterfalls on this trail are what make this trail so unique and majestic. Side note: After this hike I was so exhausted, I accidentally locked my keys in my trunk without thinking. So keep an eye on those bad boys!

Gold BarDJ at Wallace FallsWallace Falls

Mount Si

Arguable the most popular hike in Washington (due to its beauty and proximity to Seattle), this is the most difficult hike I have done. At the top, it is interesting to see the rush of vehicles speeding along I-5 while you are thousands of feet about them, basking in the (hopefully) sun and nature.

Mount Si

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