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Packing: New Zealand Edition

I am an organizer, a planner, a list-maker, to the point that sometimes I wonder if the only reason i ever leave the city is to make a plan. With travel, I love the preparation, separating my belonging into groups which will determine how they eventually will be strategically packed.


In fourth grade when I got my first binder, I added all my paper, dividers, folders and pens about a million different ways until eventually I found the perfect locations for every last item (which, to be honest, was most likely exactly the same as my first try). I think packing is my version of binder organizing in my adult life.

This time around, I’m preparing for New Zealand – land of LOTR and adventure! This is my most extensive solo trip so the need for feeling prepared is of the utmost importance to me. After all, In Omnia Paratus is supposed to be my motto.

Things I’m making sure to not leave home without:

Cash money – my philosophy is there aren’t any situations you can’t throw a little (or a lot) cash at to make everything right again. In Costa Rica my friend and I stayed in one hostel for the trip and on our last day found out they only accepted cash or paypal. I’m the kind of person that never has cash. Hell, until yesterday I didn’t even know my PIN#. If I weren’t with her, I would have had to stay an extra week working to pay back their services.

United Credit Card – related to my first item, I pay for everything with credit cards because I love getting the rewards (note: I full encourage paying them off right away, I love rewards but hate interest). With my United card not only do I get miles, I also do not get charged international fees.

Passport, Visas and other identification – I am flying out of Los Angeles and had a dream I got to LA only to have forgotten my passport. Do not get my wrong, two weeks in LA would be better than two weeks in dreary Washington but I would still be pretty disappointed.

Laundry detergent and garbage bags – there’s no way I am going to lug around two weeks of clothes with me. So I plan to do laundry half way through. But in my meantime, I love using garbage bags to separate my clean and dirty clothes. Nothing is worse than getting all your clothes dirty without having a little fun in them.


Seahawks jersey – I live in Washington. I love football. And I am damn proud to be a supporter of a team who has made it (and is going to win it!) to the Super Bowl two consecutive years in a row! The twelfth man needs to show the world how far we can go, and I plan on showing it off in New Zealand!


My travel journal – given to me as a gift when I thought I was going to be moving to Mongolia, my beautiful leatherbound journal holds my travel dreams and experiences. My flight home spent writing every last second I can remember of my trip is one of my favorite parts of traveling.


Electronic essentials – my wonderful mother has a knack for buying me obscure electronics from REI that always prove to be useful. This year’s gifts are a South Pacific plug converter and external battery charger for my long flight. Have I mentioned she’s the best?

So here’s hoping I’m fully prepared, wish me luck!

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