So You Want to Go to Chippendales

I am the first to admit, I have lived a pretty cliche life. Grew up in a small town, graduated with kids I went to Kindergarten with, dated the football QB and went to Vegas for my 21st birthday. Trite right? 

In an effort not to be expectable, for our 21-run-Vegas-style-excursion, us group of girls opted not to attend the usual Chippendales show and went for the humorous Penn & Teller.

Well, for Bethany’s 25th birthday we decided we need to do something fun, something warm, something crazy. So off to Fabulous Las Vegas we went for the fourth-anniversary-of-our-21st-birthday-Vegas-Round-two. This time we were going to do this right, aka, Chippendales. 

I thought I was attending to humor the girls, just going to be supportive, just playing along to the girl it seemed I should be (what is that psychology term called? That, that’s what I was doing). Never in a million years would an education conservative reserved girl like me be into something so forward as Chippendales. 

Well folks, let me tell you, I learned a valuable lesson that day. Maybe it was the vacation mentality, maybe it was the Long Island maybe it was all the flashing lights and loud music, but let’s just say, I enjoyed it. There was dancing, comradery, high-fiving and I think even a little shoving at one point when the Chippendales came walking through the crowd (and yes, birthday girl even got her very own lap dance). It was Vegas in every way, shape and form (aside from the fact that apparently as of now it does not stay in Vegas).

Never in my life have I hooted, hollered, cat-called and “ow-ow” more in my life! Those boys were there to entertain and boy did they! 

So ladies, moral of the story, I do not care how “proper” and “appropriate” you are in your real life, Vegas is fake and you can be whoever you want. So do yourself a favor and slide into Chippendales, you may see a different side of yourself but definitely in a good way!


3 thoughts on “So You Want to Go to Chippendales

  1. Ha! I actually tried to convince my wife to head to the Chippendales while we were in Vegas for my brother’s wedding and she wouldn’t bite. Good on you for adding some “culture” into your trip. 😉

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